East West Hapkido

Tsunami free fighting system

Phone: + 1 (416) 595-0617
E-mail: sir@eastwesthapkido.com
Address: 183 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON

East West Hapkido trains free thinkers and free fighters. Our students thrive in a fun, challenging, sophisticated team environment where cooperation and competition are dynamically woven together to produce maximum individual results.

The East West Approach

  • Our techniques are rooted in authentic Hapkido principles that put function and utility above all else.
  • Our Tsunami Free Fighting system purposefully integrates cross-disciplinary techniques, evolved from years of experience training with both 2nd generation Hapkido Grand Masters and diverse martial arts pioneers.
  • Small class sizes and a culture of peer-to-peer learning fosters individualized development.
  • East West's responsible and respectful student base and strong club camaraderie makes for a positive learning environment.

What is Hapkido?

Hapkido is a complete martial art that incorporates punching, hand, arm and elbow strikes, kicks, shin and knee strikes, defensive and offensive joint locks, throws, projections, offsets, sweeps, take downs, pressure point attacks, ground fighting fundamentals, as well as weapons.

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