December 17, 2011:

Black & Brown Belt testing on December 3th, 2011.


December 3, 2011:

Congratulations to Dru Moores who was promoted to Black Belt and John Shearlaw, Mats Tanikawa, and Filipe Pinheiro who were promoted to Brown Belt on December 3, 2011. Shawn Spencer was also promoted to Assistant Instructor status at East West Hapkido.

December 13, 2010:

Congratulations to Ted Chung and Mats Tanikawa, who were promoted to Brown Belt on December 4th, 2010.

April 3, 2010:

Congratulations to Dave Brandon, Garrick Ng and Nick Buncic, who successfully kicked, twisted, threw and fought their way to Orange Belt rank during Spring testing.

February 23, 2010:

Members of East West Hapkido return to Los Angeles for special training at “Judo” Gene Lebell’s and Gokor Chevichyan’s Hayastan MMA Academy. Sir and a group of students took part in two weeks of intensive training, during which time they helped the Hayastan school move to its new 10.000 sq. ft. location, attended the OPEN HOUSE (presenting Gokor with a Canadian flag to add to the school’s collection), and renewed old ties with Santos Flaniken – spending many hours at his studio learning new aspects of the Hayastan system.

September 27, 2009:

East West Hapkido welcomes Santos Flaniken, Senior Instructor at “Judo” Gene Lebell’s and Gokor Chevichyan’s Hayastan MMA Academy (Los Angeles) to host an elite combat grappling seminar. Open to the public.

September 2009:

East West Hapkido moves to a new location at 183 Geary Avenue. This larger, more dynamic facility is ideally suited to high performance fitness, skill and fighting development. Open House: Saturday, September 26th., 1-4pm

December 6, 2008:

Shawn Spencer and Mac Ferguson were promoted to Black Belt during the fourth Black Belt testing held at the school. They are only the sixth and seventh ever awarded at the school. Dru Moores was promoted to brown.

January – March 2008:

Head Instructor and students appeared in TV pilot “Baditude”. A comedy martial arts project for Youngblood productions. All the fights scenes and Hapkido demonstrations were created by the Head Instructor.

March-June 2008:

Our Head Instructor spent two months during three trips to the orient seeking more root martial art, development and breathing techniques. He traveled to such martial and spiritual centers as Koyasan (10th century Buddhist center), Kyoto (Buddhist and martial center), Takayama and Tokyo in Japan, as well as Hong Kong and Macua. From Ocean Park (martial arts Sunday afternoon) in Hong Kong to the Budo Hall in Kyoto (the oldest training hall still standing in Japan) and the Tokyo University Aikido Club (Sensei Kameda’s root school), our Head Instructor exchanged ideas and techniques with some of the most interesting martial artists to be found.

August 2008:

On line video game “Rise and Ruin” released featuring many of East West students in motion capture.

August 10, 2008:

Annual country team challenge was held at Sir’s place in the country and a great time was had by all.

October 2008:

A group of students traveled with Sir to Los Angeles for the fourth time to renew old ties, initiate new sources and embark on another quest for more martial and technique knowledge. The group attended Master C.S. Kim’s fall black belt testing and returned to his school to be taught the “Four Season’s” breathing/meditation set.
On a third occasion, Master Kim gave the group a personal 90 minute preview with personal commentary of his new Hapkido technique DVD series, not yet released to the public. The group also visited and trained at G.M. Han’s school twice during their stay and demonstrated free fighting, dynamic twisting, as well as punching and kicking techniques.
In addition to these Hapkido schools, they visited Legends MMA in west Hollywood and Danny Innosanto’s JKD club as well. Finally, they had the opportunity to train twice at Judo Gene Lebell’s – Gokor Chivichyan’s school (Hayastan Dojo). Special thanks to Santos Flaniken. These guys techniques make commercial BJJ look like what it is… ordinary!
Sir had the chance to have a long chat with and be twisted up the THE MAN himself Judo Gene. We all found him to be one of the funniest – talented men anywhere. Both Gokor and Santos were both very helpfulland generous. We shall return!!

January 2007:

With the passing of Grand Master Bong Soo Han, Master Stewart traveled to Los Angeles to attend the memorial for one of the greatest practitioners of the art of Hapkido. Having visited the great man many times throughout the 1990’s and benefited immensely from G.M. Han’s assistance, guidance and council; Master Stewart felt an obligation to demonstrate his own personal respect and gratitude for this pioneer and statesman.
Although it was a sad occasion, the love people expressed for the Grand Master both publicly and in private was a testament to the spirit of the man and his dream for the growth of Hapkido. Many high ranking Korean martial arts Masters from his generation were in attendance to show their respects. He will be impossible to replace!

December 2006:

Mario Figueroa became the fifth student in East West Hapkido history to achieve the level of black belt at the school testing on Dec 2.

October 2006:

The new action adventure film “Running With Wolves” (a Yeungblood production) was released in North America. This film features numerous action fight scenes, which were choreographed and directed by the Head Instructor of East West Hapkido. Many senior students appeared in the film in various capacities.

June 2006:

At the WHA Championship Tournament on June 23 in Florida, Leon Rodovinski won the Light Heavyweight Championship. Congratulations to Leon for fighting very well in a weight division with fighters up to 25 lbs more than his actual weight. Video to be posted soon.

May 2005:

Head Instructor Mr. Stewart has returned from numerous trips to the Orient (Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Japan) where he visited a large number of Buddhist temples and martial art training facilities.


August 2005:

The school has been relocated to 275 Augusta Ave in the Kensington Market area. The new location has over 2000 square feet of premium training surface in a bright (windows along the entire west wall of the club) renovated space free of posts with high ceilings.
The open house will be held on Saturday September 24 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. There will be demonstrations and opportunity to tour the school as well as meet many of the students.

We have interviewed and accepted more than a dozen new adult students from those who applied, since the school opened for training in late July. We will be screening some additional adult students through September. It is anticipated that a waiting list will be reintroduced for later in the fall.
Enquire about our new youth program (10 years +), which will be introduced in September. Classes will run from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Monday to Thursday. This will be a unique opportunity for motivated youth to learn many of the root ideas and techniques of Hapkido within a safe, positive environment.

Julia was married on Sat. August 6. Congratulations!!